hospitalfrsouls (hospitalfrsouls) wrote in pro_si,

Hey there

01. Whats your name?: Patty
02. Age, Birthday?: 19
03. Form of SI?: Cutting mostly
04. Why do you SI?: cheaper than drugs, i guess. makes me feel good
05. When was your first time? i think i was 12 or 13, i'm not sure cause i stopped after some time and about 6 months ago i started again, but this time i'm not feeling bad about it, i accept it as a coping mechanism, just like cigarettes or drugs
06. Where do you most often SI?: thighs
07. In what room/area do you most often SI?: Bedroom, bathroom, eventually during class, but then it's just scratching
08. What do you use?: blade from pencil sharpener
09. Do you hide it?: yup
10. Do you listen to music while you SI?: Nope
11. Anyone know?: no
12. Eating Disorders?: no
13. Mental Disorders?: general anxiety and depression, also ADD
14. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend?: i'm not sure, but i suppose i'd talk to them privately and make sure they are safe and not suicidal, offer help if i can
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