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New Here :D

01. Whats your name?: Rhiannon
02. Age, Birthday?: 14
03. Form of SI?: Cutting
04. Why do you SI?: When ever I start feeling anxious, sad or angry those feelings build up and the only way to release them is...
05. When was your first time? What did you use?: A few months ago. I used the blade from a pencil sharpener.
06. Where do you most often SI?: Different places, upper left arm, right wrist, my thighs and my ankles.
07. In what room/area do you most often SI?: Bathroom.
08. What do you use?: Blades from expensive razors (Not as thin as disposable ones), but I'll use anything sharp if I have access to it.
09. Do you hide it?: At school and in public, yes. At home, I hide them but not as carefully because my mom doesn't really notice.
10. Do you listen to music while you SI?: Sometimes.
11. Anyone know?: My mom knows of the very first time and thinks I stopped. I've told two close friends but I believe they think I stopped.
12. Eating Disorders?: I recently started purging, so not totally sure that counts as anything yet.
13. Mental Disorders?: Depression, Social anxiety disorder, possibly Bipolar disorder (waiting on that diagnostic) and possibly ADD or ADHD (Been waiting on that one for a loooooong while).
14. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend?: Ask her why, and tell her to try and stop but if it's stopping her from committing suicide, do it if she needs while encouraging her to stop.
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